BCD Planet


Belania Daley is an American Jamaican Fashion Designer, specializing in women’s wear for BCD PLANET LLC. Growing up with Jamaican dance hall parents, her designer always had a little sex appeal. She started making her own clothes at 14 because she could not afford to buy the newest fashions. Always thinking differently form her peers she decided to name her design brand BCD PLANET, the initials of her name. Belania continued studying fashion through the years into college. She graduated with a B.S. degree in Technical Design for Apparel Production from Fashion Institute of Technology. After graduation she landed her 1st corporate industry job in the heart of manhattan on 39th street and 7th Ave. After 4 years in the industry Belania felt she needed more purpose behind her design work. So BCD PLANET is a representation of dyslexia, to inspire others in the black community with learning disabilities to be proud of their differences because thats what make you great. Belania hopes to have a successful fashion brand with non profit organizations for breast cancer, autism, and dyslexia in the future. Reason being is that Belania has dyslexia, her younger brother has autism, and mother is a breast cancer survivor.