Button's Tutus & Treasures

by Corinne Shaw

Button’s Tutus & Treasures visually defines the phrase “cute as a button” by offering an array of versatile, stylish, unique tutus for children and adults. Designer and Founder of Button’s Tutus & Treasures is Corinne Shaw; a Harlem native with an innate free-spirited and fun nature. As a baby,
Corinne was affectionately nicknamed “Button” by her grandmother because she was “cute as a button”. The moniker still follows Corinne throughout her adult-life and was the inspiration behind her brand’s name.
Corinne has never been one to follow fashion trends and is playfully made fun of by friends for her anomalous fashion choices. The concept for Button’s Tutus & Treasures was created following Corinne’s desire to share her “unicorn-esque” fashion sense with the world. Our motto is “I can do anything if I’m in a tutu”, which is displayed through the various ways our buttons (customers) choose to rock their tutus without having to compromise cuteness or style. Our brand delivers tutus that range in style spectrum from classy to whimsical and everything in between.