Christina L. Thomas

Christina Thomas is the founder of the women’s wear brand Christina L. Thomas. Painfully shy and
quiet, fashion was a way for her to express herself. She would shop in the stores of downtown
Rochester N.Y. and look for unique and interesting pieces to wear. She was accepted to F.I.T. out of high
school, but life “lifed” her and it would take her time to find her footing.
In her mid- twenties she purchased her first sewing machine and taught herself how to sew. It was an
on and off relationship for several years. As self – confidence, coupled with encouragement from
friends and family flourished, so did the budding business.
Christina entered her first fashion design show in 2018. It was a one month long local competition, in
which, she took home the prize for audience fan favorite. All the hard work during that competition let
her know, this is what she wanted to do in life.
Classy with a nod of sexiness for the grown but young at heart describe the kind of woman who wears
the Christina L. Thomas label. Christina has been known to say “You don’t have to show all that God
gave you to be noticed”. Class she believes speaks for itself and it never goes out of style.