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Michi Knitwear

MICHI KNITWEAR  is a company formed by Michele M. Walden Mcphee that specializes in designing, creating and producing knitwear, mainly for women. Through herMICHI KNITWEAR  designs, which include skirts, tops, dresses, shawls, cover-ups and shrugs, she isn't creating your grandmother's knitwear but funky, sophisticated, sexy and chic knits. "As a couture knitwear designer my pieces are created to complement the full figure or slight frame, thus making  a unique statement for all women.
    A Queens, NY native, Walden Mcphee, has been knitting over 20 years. "Originally knitting by hand for my daughters and I, my work received recognition from family and friends, who began requesting me to make pieces for them.  The process was time consumer, so when I decided to make it a business, I took a continuing education course at FIT to learn to use the hand knitting machine. "  After completing courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), Walden Mcphee has become proficient in using the knitting machine to create the majority of her pieces using carefully selected yarns that vary from silks to rayon, wool to linen and run the gamut of colors from orange to muted tans to fushia and olive green. “Thus, MICHI KNITWEAR began from my passion for knitting." 
    Over the years MICHI  has participated in designer's competitions, photo shoots, numerous fashion shows and vending events with her one-of-a-kind or limited edition knitwear, many adorned with cowrie shells,MICHI's trademark.  These pieces can also be considered "wearable art" for women who are fashion forward, confident, creative and seeking to be stylish and sexy.  So, the off-the-shoulder designs, hip-hugging evening attire or loose and breezy summer afternoon wear makesMICHI the perfect on the go, all season fashion collection.
For further information contact  MICHI:718*465*2336 


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