Robin Shumays is a multi-disciplinary designer and artist, whose fashion design work has been presented at the Africa Fashion Week and Fashion Envie shows in New York City. Robin began sewing at the age of 10, and learned with her mom as they both attempted to teach themselves. She let go of the skill for many years, but began to pursue sewing and fashion design again more seriously several years ago with the creation of her line, hennaflower. Robin’s design aesthetic is highlighted by the use of bold color stories and “ethno-urban” fabrics. She is also known for solid construction, and attention to detail. In June of 2021, she will be presenting at the Prince78-88 Conference (https://www.prince78-88.com/day1). Robin’s presentation will be on the artist Prince, and his influence on fashion through the 1980s. She is also co-director and dance performer with Zikrayat, an Arabic Music and Dance Ensemble that has performed at Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Museum, William and Mary College, and throughout the Northeast. She has also worked professionally as a web developer, graphic designer, UX designer, social media consultant, and model.

hennaflower_africanprint - Robin Shumays_edited.jpg