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Bombazo Wear

Bombazo Wear Bomba Caribbean Skirts® is the first international brand of dance skirts specifically for the Afro Diasporic dances of the Caribbean and Latin America. Founded, created, and designed by the mother daughter duo, Dr. Margarita Concepcion and Milteri Tucker Concepcion, a professional dancer and entrepreneur from the Island of Puerto Rico.Our skirts have been highlighted in New York Fashion Week, Bronx Fashion week, theater productions, documentaries and movies in the US, Puerto Rico, Japan and Hawaii. Debuting in Hitech Moda for the first time, is our Urban Folklorico™ skirts. The line is designed for the dancer living in the concrete jungle of metropolitan cities such as New York! Bright colors, ruffles mixed with African prints we’ve created a style of skirt that takes sustainability to the next level of fashion and dance fashion: Jean Urban folklorico skirt™. 

Great for Afro Cuban, Dominican, Afro Colombian, Garifuna, Haitian, Brazilian , Puerto Rican Bomba, among other dance styles! This collection is for the dancer on the go! Where she or he can make That Drum Talk!® anywhere in the city! 


Bronx and Puerto Rican based, Bombazo Wear Bomba Caribbean Skirts® is a brand which creates social conscious of the African Roots in the Caribbean and latin America for the community at large. Sales of our skirts go back to the community where we are currently fundraising to help the families who have been severely affected by the earthquakes in the South of Puerto Rico.

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