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House  of   Q

Anthony Q. Mitchell, a native of Mississippi, and an award-winning designer whose work can be seen in Vogue Italia, Ozy magazine, I AM UNASHAMED magazine, and much more. He has designed garments that paint a portrait of couture designs against the changing urban landscape of Mississippi. QuéDella gives a voice to those young African American boys and girls much like himself that are creatives with more to offer to their community and the world. Fashion has always played a huge role in his life, from creating costumes for high school plays to tailoring his own clothes. By drawing inspiration from European designers and his surroundings, he has enabled himself to create what a journalist once stated to be, "the most bizarre and beautiful pieces one has ever seen!" Creating custom pieces that are high fashion and trendy yet affordable to many different clients is what Anthony's brand truly exhibits and represents. Anthony has thus far helped start a plus-size swimsuit collection and ready to wear brand by the name of Keith Dupree. He has even worked with some astounding musical artists such as JayeEss, HER, Lena the Diva, and Mereba. Anthony has always known from a child that he would do something pertaining to the arts. He believes that everyone deserves to look and feel good, and his purpose in life is to help the world look and feel a little better, one garment at a time.

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