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United  Icons

United Icons branded gear is a line of high-quality garments; functional, unique, and fashion-forward goods, conceived in the mind of taste-maker and designer Eugene Wilborn. lt is sought out around the globe by those who are fashion forward and style conscious. United Icons is for those bold enough to defy the status quo to live authenticity as themselves. Icons United is for icons, united—Those who dare to take risks because they know this life is the only one they’ve got. From childhood, Eugene has never been comfortable fitting into the mold. He developed a unique style from an early age, with influences from hip hop culture, naming Outkast, Jay Z, Wu Tang Clan, Dip-Set and many of the West Coast legends. He credits his mother with teaching him the fundamentals of fashion;from tying a tie to finding a suit with the right lines. While having a prestigious career in styling others, Eugene’s foray into the one dimensional, urban fashion world brining his unique style with him was inevitable. His desire to design and launch his own brand made a metamorphic shift to action after his experience with Dapper Dan Gucci Atelier in Harlem. Meeting with the team and legendary designer, April Walker of Walker Wear brand was the fuel added to the smoldering hunger that would eventually light the way while Eugene blazed his own fashion trail. Meetings with legends provided the vision and confirmation of United Icons as the brand that will promote greatness, positivity, connectivity, and growth. The brand has enjoyed positive reception since its launch. Now, more than ever, Eugene is looking forward to the brand’s debut at 2021 New York Fashion Week; to living united with other visionaries and artists; to soaring above all the low lying fruit and reaching new heights.