Koko Mystique

Fashion designer, Nicole Bell of Koko Mystique fashions, began her humble beginning sewing at home as a hobby. Her love of fashion design began at 
an early age. Always drawn to the most outlandish beautiful designs, she began visualizing and creating a style of her own, using her Barbie dolls as inspiration and models. It wasn't until April of 2013 when Nicole was re-introduced to her childhood
passion when she received her first Brother sewing machine as a gift, it was then her love of creating was re-ignited. Growing up most times feeling ugly and voiceless Nicole wanted to create things that evoked power and gave vision and voice to that little girl that still shares a small place inside but also for the many girls of any age, that may share that same feeling. As with most designers, Nicole hit many stumbling blocks and became very frustrated. She wanted to quit many times, but it was something in her, driving her almost like a drug that she could not give up. With the support of her friends and immediate family, 
the struggling designer was able to push through the self-doubt, stepped out on faith and began showcasing in various fashion events in her hometown of Cleveland Ohio. The success of these shows then inspired 
her to put together her very own pop-up shop and fashion show, which turned out to be a huge success. Following this event notoriety followed and after giving much thought to the kind of message she wanted to share 
through her brand, Nicole decided that the best way to live out her passion and purpose was to be her authentic self. Creating and designing with passion, stepping out faith and facing her fears, April of 2018, Nicole 
introduced herself as Koko Mystique debuting her "Mystique" Collection at her out of the box launch party. This brand stands at the heart of Koko as a woman and a designer. It embodies strength, confidence, boldness, with a mix of fun and flirty fierceness, everything she dreamed of becoming. 
In October of 2018 Koko Mystique entered her first Designer's Competition and walked away with the People's Choice Award. This achievement was monumental and life changing as it was the pivotal moment that validated her talent as a designer and her self-worth. Since then Koko's designs have been featured in various venues in and around Cleveland, including Pittsburg, Chicago and Atlanta. The “Koko Mystique” collection was the start of it all and will  remain the signature collection that allows women to step out from their insecurities and shine the way God intended for them. To embody and embrace their inner desires and to live out loud and unapologetically. Koko Mystique has been recognized for her patent leather and camouflage  designs and tonight she proudly presents this collection for you.

To follow Koko Mystique  you can find her on instagram @Koko_mystique2.0  or you can email her @Bflywithkokomystique@gmail.com