Void Asylum

Void Asylum™ The space in which light enters and transforms into the creation of its own imagination. Void Asylum° c/o Mario Miguelito™ is a fashion label manifested within the universal coordinates of past, current and future culture, that is refined for the today. With a unique idea and by its own nature in vision, seasonless men's collections are presented. Each garment offered is an artistically driven extension of the brands core mantra. In it's entirety, this core is committed to defying the societal norms of masculinity by embracing the fluidity of the natural world. Intertwining the raw edge of streetwear, sophistication of high end couture, hodge-podge of fine art and world culture in general, these creations take on whatever character the wearer adapts themselves to that day, gliding effortlessly across the prismatic spectrum. The aftereffect is to be a transcendent brand, seizing the today in a way that cultivates and inspires those to let go and be freedom's creation. This is Void Asylum°