About J. Taylor Couture

A high-end fashion company based out of Miami, FL, J. Taylor Couture is where skilled craftsmanship meets visionary design. The brand’s mission is to enhance a woman’s natural sophistication by taking wardrobe staples and elevating them with lush fabrics and careful attention to detail.  

Made for the thriving woman with an active lifestyle who is effortlessly timeless, J. Taylor Couture offers a flawless approach to design that is meticulously tailored with the sleek, classic characteristics of its customer always in mind. Ultimately, the brand wants to use its luxurious pieces to showcase the woman who wears them rather than the pieces themselves.

Meet The Designer – Alicia Williams  

Born and raised in Mobile, AL, Alicia Williams began her modeling career in 1994. With a signature style, innate sense of confidence, and sexy femininity, Alicia was a natural in the fashion world, getting her first break as a "Gayfer Girl" for the Gayfer's department store, currently known as Dillard's, Inc. 

As a "Gayfer Girl," she was given the opportunity to not only display the brands designs, but also design for its fashion shows, where she garnered a better understanding of not only what looked best on a woman, but how to make that look come to life.

As she moved towards designing her own clothing line, Alicia discovered that she wanted to take her love for individuality and combine it with premium textiles to create a brand that exuded a level of sex appeal, sophistication, and quality that was not currently on the market. With that vision in mind, she created J. Taylor Couture.    

Today, Alicia believes that self-confidence and the value a woman places on herself are reflected in the image she presents to the world. Through J. Taylor Couture, she hopes that her clients are able to use her signature lavish looks to find their most beautiful selves.

Alicia currently resides in Miami, FL with her daughter.


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