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I am Fallou designer and CEO of Baayfall Hustler soon to become Baayfall Billionaire llc. I am from senegal west Africa, came in the US 2013, quit my job (as a sale person) to start my business 2014 as a street vendor( selling african jewelry and baseball caps) at 125th street with $192 from one table to six tables, where I started designing the hats. And for three summers, I employed thirteen kids and I put ten tables on 125th street and taught them how to start a business from scratch and be a solid entrepreneur. I opened my first store front 2018 hit by gentrification beginning of pandemic. And now I am working from home which is my designing studio to receive my customers as well. I was painted twice by Jordan Casteel from the studio museum in harlem. The first painting is when I first started my tables and that painting is on the highline since 2020 and the second painting is when I had my store and that one is bought by the Dean Collection Alicia keys and Swizz Beats. I been interviewed and published twice in New York Times in my store and at my studio. I am a very special designer. I make one of a kind pieces based on Spirituality. All my custom pieces uplift one way or another. Baayfall is a Spiritual Lifestyle created by my Great Great Grand Father MAAM CHEIKH IBRAHIMA FALL. And so my purpose is to express Spirituality through clothes. Everything about my business is about who I am what I believe and my different perspectives about Life and Human kind. I have a master degree in finance and accounting in senegal but I realized rhat education is far beyond my purpose even tho it's a part of the process of searching urself and ur purpose. Tarrius Riley (Jamaican reggae artist) is one of my most loyal customer. Also Tytrone (Queen Bee former stylist) has couple of pieces from me. Marcus Samuelson also is one of my customers, he purchases hats from me. And multiple restaurants in Harlem I make their uniforms such as Ponty bistro, melbas, renaissance harlem, cantina, Sall lounge downtown, sapphire, drum bar (bronx), barawine... In this world of chaos, I am bringing a positive impact on human kind through fashion, a healthy fashion, an uplifting fashion, a fashion that serves Humanity's Greatness. -Fallou

IMG_7603 - baayfall hustler.jpg
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