Nama Ise Ona

Nama Isé-Ona

Nàma Isé-Oná - pronounced Nhah maa eh SHAY Oh nah.


Nàma Isé-Oná is a combination of Malinké (Cote D'Ivoire) and Yoruba (Nigeria), West Afrikan languages which for Nailah, loosely means —

"A vessel for something coveted, sacred and beautifully dangerous..."


Nàma Isé-Oná is the fashion label from multidisciplinary cultural artisan and fashion and accessories designer Nailah I. Akinyémi-Sankofa known for her textile arts and handwork.


Nàma Isé-Oná specializes in creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition couture, chic ready-to-wear, ethnic-inspired handcrafted dresses, separates, jewelry, knitwear, accessories, outerwear, custom textiles and bridal gowns.


The unique and interesting combination of textures, fabric weights, rich colors, interesting patterns, hand beading and embroidery work along with a great attention to details are all essential signature elements of Nàma Isé-Oná.  Not to mention, that the label was created specifically for petite women — sizes zero to six who range from  4'-10" to 5'-7" tall.

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