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Ebony Chappel

Born and raised in the Rangel Housing Projects of Harlem, New York, Ebony Chappel always showed talent with the use of her hands. Best known for her skills with braiding hair, she soon found herself capable of designing clothes. Summer of 2002, she began making her 3 children and herself outfits to wear each day before heading over to Rucker Park. After that, there was a demand for her to create and design for locals around the neighborhood which resulted with her retiring from braiding hair. Business took off for her in 2008 as she started to put on fashion shows when she moved to Atlanta, debuting her style of crochet attire.


Her fashion shows were geared towards bringing awareness to things like Breast Cancer, Autism, and body confidence (self-love). She’s even provided designs to showcase in fashion shows that Miss Juicy (Little Women of Atlanta) has hosted for back to school, Bronner Brothers Hair Show, Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Show, and multiple magazines. Few are aware that they’ve seen her designs on TV worn by celebrity Phaedra Parks from RHOA. She has also personally worn her designs while being a guest on the Monique Show. Her crochet designs are well known by many but as time grew closer to her youngest daughter graduating from high school, she remembered her dream to one day be in the likes of greats such as Dapper Dan. Growing up she was always inspired by his fashion creativity, so once she received her GED in 2019 and went on to pursue a degree in fashion, at her dream school CAU (Clark Atlanta University), she knew nothing could stop her. 

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