Daisy Malone


Daisy Malone is a professional fashion designer. She specializes in designing customized clothes, ready-to-wear clothes and plus size women clothes. As a young girl living in South Carolina with her parents, due to her naturally talented artistic characteristics, she was always interested in drawing little girls’ dresses as well as sowing and making alterations on clothes for her friends and siblings. As the parents moved to Florida (where she continued her high school education), her interest in cloth designing increased when she became interested in watching dresses of celebrity women in Hollywood, and always tried to design similar clothes with more artistic and craft touches for her high school friends.


Daisy’s parents moved from Florida to New Jersey where the parents forced her to enroll in Electrical Engineering degree at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) due to her curiosity in fixing home appliances like radios, TV etc. as a young girl. Now with New York City very close to New Jersey, she started attending some fashion shows most of the time. After two years at college she decided to quit and received an associate degree in Electrical Engineering. She then decided to attend Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City (FIT) to acquire professional fashion design knowledge.


Daisy has been working for years for companies like ABC Network, AT&T and Lucent Technology doing engineering work. During all those years her natural artistic interests in fashion design overrode her engineering profession and as such was always designing clothes.


Daisy Malone currently focuses on fashion design only and has decided to have fashion design as her lifetime profession. She owns the copyright and patented clothing line with the trade mark as “Daisy Malone”. She is the founder of “Daisy Malone Collections, LLC”.