Welcome to Flowerbaum, where vintage meets classy modern.  Home of the daring and brave to be powerful and feminine. My line was created to express my love of the beautiful sophisticated designs of the past and to add a modern twist to it without comprising style and class.  My clothes are designed for the women who wants to feel powerful and free but sexy and in control at the same time. Flowerbaum gives you the freedom from the fuss of trying to keep up with the ever changing trends in fashion.


My designs are created to stand the test of time. Flowerbaum seeks to remain in style no matter what age or trend is in season.  The designs are meant to be a part of a lasting wardrobe collection for the woman who still has a zest for life. So join me as I seek to create fashions that will tickle your fancy but not hurt your pocketbook.  My designs are basically wrinkle free using fabrics that are easy to care for and to maintain. I use beautiful flexible breathable fabrics such as nylon, Lycra, rayon, spandex, neoprene, silk and various other wear friendly fabrics.  My designs are created with flexibility in an effort to keep you feeling good all day. So look out world here comes “FLOWERBAUM”.