House of Q


I am Anthony Mitchell designer of the House of Q, a southern designer born and raised in West Point, Mississippi with a dream to become a part of the fashion industry. I have been sketching designs and collections for years; Even at the age of six I knew that I wanted to design clothes. Afraid of how the public would react to my outlandish designs, I never brought any of my sketches to life.

      In November of 2016 the opportunity was on the table to start my own clothing label. I wanted a name that would be an extension of me and what I wanted my brand to represent; thus came The House of QuéDella(CAR-E-DEL-LA), the name came from varies letters of my first, middle and last name.

      When you see my work on the runway its not only a show case, it's an experience. Wearing my designs is like wearing a work of art. I want to create pieces that would attract all women; to make every woman feel like she is in control of the room, because every woman deserves to look and feel fierce. House of QuéDella is high fashion at its best, creative pieces of art, edgy yet classy.