Nekolay Designs

Nicole Books and Muhammad Bila

Nekolay Designs is business partnership; jointly owned and operated by Nicole Brooks and Muhammad Bilal. 

Nicole Brooks grew up with an avid inter­est in and love for custom-made designs. She is a self taught fashion designer who started sewing and designing as a teenager. During these early days, Nicole received and completed hundreds of requests from neighbors, friends and friends of friends to design and create custom made swimsuits, skirts, wedding dresses, formal dresses, scarves, bags, and wedding gowns. 

Muhammad Bilal, partner/co-owner/co-designer, has studied visual arts since he attended high school in Chicago that specialized in graphic and performing arts, and design. His fascination with visual arts lead him to study filmmaking, photography and design at New York University, The School of Visual Arts in New York, and Chicago Filmmakers.

He too has extensively traveled abroad, mostly to Latin America, Africa and Europe, to further his study and understanding of global fashion trends - past and present, especially those in Europe and Africa. Thus bring to Nekolay an approach to fashion design that combine various styles and trends from Africa, Europe and America into unique and stunning designs.

Moreover, Nicole is the sole dressmaker and seamstress for Nekolay, while Muhammad handles the marketing, branding, sales, photography and photo shoots for the company. 

Together, they are a well oiled machine, working collaboratively to make Nekolay Designs one of the best custom-made, designer fashion companies in the world.