FOCUSING ON CONFIDENCE, COMFORT AND VERSATILITY, ROSEPAULINO.COM PRIDES ITSELF ON CREATING SWIMWEAR AS A FASHION. was laughed in September 2017 by RosePaulino and her team as a self-titled luxury swimwear brand. We believe that a swimsuit can be a piece of every day clothing, worn anyway a woman wants to. Swimwear, anywhere, we say! Wear your one-piece suit as a bodysuit with shorts, or a crop top with a sassy skirt, anyway you like it, you can wear it.

Our founder, Rose Paulino, started designing as a child in foster care. At age 11, after being placed with a family, she was introduced to making her own clothing after an unfortunate event including her foster sister. Since then, she has been piecing together ideas to rebuild lost or destroyed pieces of clothes and designing new ideas for original pieces. Rose taught herself to sew, knit, draft, draw, and sketch. Very quickly she became an all around fashion designer, designing swimwear for college events and shows, and eventually working for Steve Madden a Designer in Footwear, where she has worked closely with the lead designers and is learning everyday. Today, Rose is a swimwear designer, launching and expanding and the Rose Paulino brand to new and exciting heights.

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