African Accessories

by Sama Luthuli

Sama Luthuli was born and raised in South Africa, I am based in the United States of America, in Waterbury Connecticut. Sama Luthuli is the founder and a designer of QhakazaMshibe African Accessories. Qhakazamshibe was founded in April 2018 when I had a dream making a colorful beaded bracelet, in my dream my late grandmother came to me. I showed her the bracelet I made, she was happy and she said that the gift I am giving you, she left. 

In the morning I went to the store to buy beads, I teach myself how to make jewelry and the rest is history. QhakazaMshibe African Accessories is curated and handcrafted in America. I enjoy creating colorful unique designs because details matters. I’ve been invited to fairs, pop up shop, FleaMarket and I have been in Danbury Fashion Show and Diamond Fashion Show. I love what I do. I’ve learned that circumstances don’t determine who I am or who I can become. AMANDLA