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With a distinct roster of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, BET Rip the Runway 2011, 5 shows with Ashley Sharpton , Red Rooster HARLEM 2018 , Edwing D’Angelo 2021-present , Musiq Soulchild personally commissioned customized designs, and various other highly prolific artistic achievements, Se7en is a cultural curator of the highest magnitude. Fusing ancient Egyptian and Sumerian hieroglyphics with modern day graphic prints, part of his mission is to elevate and inspire a cultural movement by blending art and fashion into an indistinguishable mélange of African-American beauty. Se7en has shown up many times throughout history as a perfect number. It symbolizes new growth, rebirth, hope, beauty, and luck. Se7en , whether consciously or subconsciously, has reflected the power of the number 7 many times over in his work. Characterised by strength, creativity, and truth, his art is reflective of all of the qualities that he embodies as an artist. Seeking to not only create beauty and eye-catching pieces of art and fashion, his work tells a story deeper than the eye can sometimes see at first glance. Through the French method of trompé l'œil, Se7en infuses subtle messages of history, personal stories, and witty references to Africa and Afro-Caribbean culture. The mark of good artist is one who can simply create. The mark, however, of a great artist is one who can inspire awe and cause one to think. With only his imagination, Se7en can create a dream. Give him a pen and paper and watch the dream unfold. With a medium of leather, canvas, cloth, or rubber, he will TRANSFORM your garment into a moving piece of art. If you can imagine it, it can be done. And if you can't imagine it, Se7en will imagine it for you....and then turn it into reality. A shoe is no longer just a shoe. It is a vehicle for color. A shirt is simply not just a is a canvas upon which his brush causes colors to breathe. Clothes are transformed, molded, and shaped into objects of beauty, love, and truth. Let his brush tell your personal story. Se7en is Artistic Movement.

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