The Meraki Label

by Darah Bishop

M E R A K I. [May - Rah - Kee]. What does it mean? Meraki means to do something with pure love and pure soul. It is leaving a piece of yourself in your creative work. That's what the hands that make every piece of clothing embody at the Meraki Label.


Sophisticated. Classic. Unforgettable. This is the model for the Meraki Label. Clothing for the woman that likes to feel good in what she wears for not only its visual flair, but also the every day luxury that it brings. The Meraki Label, established in 2018, was founded with the woman in mind that wants memorable and timeless pieces in her wardrobe. Meraki Clothing is made with integrity and a true labor of love. No sweat shops, no cheap fabrics, no unethical practices. The Meraki Label process is one that consists of well thought out design, quality fabrics that are all responsibly sourced and handpicked by the designer, and sewn with detail for each and every garment. Meraki's promise is that every day you wear our garments will be extraordinary.


When I would find a brand that I loved, I then would be curious as to who the woman or man was behind the design. That being said, I would like for you to be acquainted with who I am. I think that gives a better understanding and depth to the integrity of the brand and what it means and stands for. My name is Darah, born and raised in Alabama, a place one mistakenly thinks has nothing to offer in fashion. But I've found true inspiration is not fed to you, it comes from within. And I was blessed to be fostered in an environment that led me to my inspiration for design. I am an electrical engineer by day, and a fashion designer by day and night. I've always had a love, passion, and an eye for fashion and I am so happy to be fully walking in my dream. Currently, I am the sole designer and seamstress at Meraki and I sew each and every garment with love. I am a minimal waste designer, which means that I fully utilize the fabrics I have and cut my garments in such a way that there is very little fabric left over, which I believe is an environmentally sound way to design.  I am also anti-fast fashion and believe the resurgence of slow fashion is here and I am grateful to be apart of that wave. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find something that you love. Please follow us on social media platforms and continue stopping by our website to stay abreast on what we have in store. If you would like to contact me directly, please email