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Marvix Ny

I'm Desiger Xhris Hayes of Mavrix NY. 

Born and raised in New York City to Jamaicans immigrates. I am Business School alum & 100% creative soul child at the core. Mavrix NY began forming in the Fall of 2019 and launched in January  2020. In March 2020 all of the world stopped & then changed. With the understanding of my place in this new space of new normals, I decided to be intentional with my purpose. Mavrix NY was created to provide an unorthodox re-invisioning of elevated street fashion catering free thinking citizen of the free world. 


My Grandmother came to this country as a seamstress by trade and gave me my first look into the world of fashion and self-expression.

By the time I was 14, I began teaching myself how to use the sewing machine & how to create patterns. In 2018 after a  conversation with my grandmother, she refer to me as  "The Maverick of the family." That stayed with me birthing the brand Mavrix NY.  


I'm currently working with one the industries leading celebrities stylist as one of their assistant stylist & tailor. I have collaborated & launched successful merchandise deals with fellow Harlem Artists. This has afforded me to be blessed enough to have my work as a creative force coming out of Harlem. 

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