Marvix Ny

I'm Desiger Xhris Hayes Born in the and raised in New York City to; two Jamaicans immigrates. Business Shcool Graduate & 100% creative soul child. My Grandmother came to this country as a seamstress by trade; and was my 1st look into the world of creating and self expression. Which allowed me access to her sewing room at the age of 14; been teaching myself. In 2018 after 10+ year in youth development & education I wanted something more fulfilling creative. After a  conversation with my grandmother where she refer to me as a the Maverick of the family. Maverick is defined as "an unorthodox or independent-minded person"; That stayed with me. Mavrix NY began forming and crafting itself in Fall 2019 and Luanching January 4th 2020;  and then February, March 2020 all our worlds stopped & changed. When face with the understanding of my place in this new space and new normals of world; I decided to be intentional on my purpose and intention. Mavrix NY will provide an unorthodox reinvissioning of elevated Street Fashion; for the new taste makers.

IMG_5031 - MAVRIX NY_edited.jpg