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Harlem Fashion Week


Harlem Fashion Week (HFW) is committed to championing Fashion with a Message, serving as a beacon for rising stars in the fashion industry while advocating for social justice and cultural awareness. Rooted in the vibrant heritage of Harlem, we create a dynamic platform that merges avant-garde fashion with powerful messages of equity and diversity. Our mission is to elevate emerging designers, provide essential business education, and drive economic growth within the Harlem community. Through impactful events like the Black Lives Matter Fashion Cultural Exhibition, we honor those who have raised awareness of justice, creativity, and the richness of Black culture. Led by the visionary mother-daughter duo Tandra Birkett and Yvonne Jewnell, HFW strives to make a lasting impact on the fashion world and beyond, ensuring that every thread we weave speaks volumes about the issues that shape our global community.

The Malcolm X Legacy

Black lives Matter

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