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Design Imaginations Fashions by Bernard

@Design Imaginations Fashions by Bernard

Bernard Ballard, a self-taught designer began creating clothing as a hobby in 1973 in a small manufacturing town in West Virginia, a town with an abundance of sewing factories. Often complimented about his original designs, Bernard conceived the idea of creating a pastime business but had no capital. In 1979 Bernard moved to Harrisburg Pennsylvania and continued his gift by designing for friends and family. He was able to pursue his talent by offering fashion shows, fundraiser events and assisting community groups, churches, civic organizations and programs through the city that benefited the black community. After his children graduated high school and started their own lives, he started a full-time job in state government. He never gave up his passion but continued designing not only for himself but for a series of other events throughout Harrisburg, Steelton, Carlisle and Lancaster. Bernard received recognition for his work from Harrisburg city council, has been featured in Susquehanna Style Magazine, Studs magazine in 2008 and the Harrisburg Magazine in 2015. Bernard has appeared on the TV program Black Perspectives and Life Esteem hosted by Nathaniel and Pat Gadsden. Bernard has been featured in the African American Kwanza Festival and gained the support of Andrea Fulton of ABW Productions. It is Andrea who suggested he take a leap of faith to showcase in Harlem Fashion Week, NYC.

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