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LaDaska Mechelle


My name is La’Daska Mechelle, a pioneer and trendsetter both as a designer and manufacturer.
My journey began with LADASKA MECHELLE. Born out of a desire to problem solve while creating bespoke swimwear for women embracing their curves.
What started as a hobby flourished into a thriving venture. Evolving further when I established The LM Factory, a cutting-edge apparel manufacturing hub based in Queens, amidst the challenges of a pandemic. With a deep-seated passion for fashion and a commitment to empowering others, I've integrated philanthropy into my brand’s ethos. My mission is to plant seeds through nurturing, while also building a community because I believe that “when we sow, you grow.”
As a fashion designer, I have provided services to independent companies, designers, manufacturers in China, and small brands that have helped to attain a well-rounded, cohesive and high-quality collection. Through my diverse experiences across fashion, manufacturing, and retail, I take pride in fostering the growth of my brand, my creative vision, my voice while maintaining integrity of LADASKA MECHELLE’s identity.

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