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The Eye Am Collection


My name is Oluwa-shayie Izegwire Aka The Stuttering Diva and I am the founder and CEO of The Eye Am Collection LLC which is a crochet urban cutout line specializing in Upcycling and the slogan everyone want to be different in a world full of the same.
I self-taught myself crochet 15 years ago because I weeded myself off of Mental health medication because they were not doing anything for me personally.
Causing more harm than good of course everyone betted against my choices telling me to keep trying until you find one that fits but who has that type of life to waste.
So, against all wishes I stopped taking them and created my own medication station in the form of art from abstract painting,
to buying a camera and taking pictures.
To now crocheting is where I found my home the beauty of making a one-of-a-kind piece by hand excites me.
Something that I started as Medication which it still is because I never really learned how to do it.
No patterns no drawings just my thoughts and the yarn.
So, because of that I can't make the same thing twice.
Which has had The Eye Am Collection LLC featured in an international magazine, “Pepper” Featured in New York Fashion week twice and Deemed Mental Health advocate showing how Crocheting and other art forms help the development and navigation of one learning how to find their inner peace and is more helpful than forcing medication on someone who really don't need it.
The Eye Am Collection is a brand that's here to put a light on mental health and the creativity that stems from that. That mental health doesn't just mean putting one on medication and being done with them but actually seeing them all of them. The Eye Am Collection LLC causes one to be seen and feel comfortable with being seen. Express oneself without the boxes of the world but the freedom of oneself. The Eye Am Collection LLC is a brand daring you to do you be you at all times no matter what. BECAUSE being you should NEVER go of style!!

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