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Current Movement


Ellis Rauheen Thompson is the Founder/CEO of Current Movement Est. 2015.
Production Coordinator, Designer, Creative Director, and Fashion Coach. Originally from Columbus, Ohio. Currently stationed in Los Angeles, California. He relocated two years ago to expand. “It Isn’t About What You Do, As Long As You Make Progress”. With many years of experience in the fashion industry, from producing and also being featured in over 25 fashion shows. Includes collaborations with many universities, fashion designers, and other creative directors across the world.
What is Current Movement? An organization that specializes in Fashion, Acting and Dance. We highlight the “Show” in Fashion Show. The brand of Unity, Integrity and Confidence aka “Absolute Relevance”. To be “Current” is to love who you are and embracing it in a positive way.
Be Proud. Be You. Be Current.

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